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90W High Power LED Grow Light

90W High Power LED Grow Light
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This High Power LED Grow Light can produce faster growth than a 400 watt HPS light using only 90 watts of LED light, reducnig electricity usage by 75%. This will significantly lower your lighting cost and reduce your carbon footprint. And LED grow lights operate at near room temperature, eliminating heat signature and heat removal issues.

Our LED grow light uses extremely efficient 1-watt LEDs to produce the ideal spectrum for photosynthesis and plant growth. Powering the LEDs at 1 watt maximizes the efficacy (lumens per watt) and the lifespan of the LEDs, The LEDs are selected to produce the exact colors of the spectrum plants need most. No energy is wasted producing spectrum colors that do little to promote growth and flowering (green-yellow). And because the LEDs are directional, LED grow lights do not depend on inefficient reflectors to direct the light downward.

LED grow lights require no warm-up time; they achieve full brightness immediately. No restart delay is required and there is no danger of burns or exploding bulbs. No external ballast is needed. Plugs directly into a standard outlet.

Download GL-90W LED Grow Light Specifications.

Power Consumption: 90W LEDs (110W total)
Replaces 400W HPS (520W total)
Expected Life: 50,000 hours

Luminous Flux: 3750lm
Color Wavelengths: 70W Red 660 nm; 10W Orange 630 nm; 10W Blue 430-460 nm
Beam Spread: 120 degrees

Working Voltage: 90V - 120V AC
Plugs into standard U.S. 110-120V electrical outlet
Dimensions: 10.6" (270mm) diameter, 3.2" (80mm) height
Warranty: 1 Year

Certification: CE, RoHS

RoHS, CE Approved
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