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PAR38 12-LED 15W Dimmable LED Bulb, Flood Light, White

PAR38 12-LED 15W Dimmable LED Bulb, Flood Light, White
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This is a 110vac dimmable led flood light bulb. This dimmable led light can be used with ordinary incandescent dimmers. It is 4 3/4 inches in diameter and 5 inches long. It uses 12 high power 2W Cree leds to project an extremely bright wide beam of light. It is available in cool white and warm white. The deep thin-fin aluminum body reduces the weight and provides more effective cooling. Superior cooling increases the light output and extends the life of the leds. The bulb has an expected life of 50,000 hours.

These led light bulbs are great in track lighting, canister and recessed fixtures. Use to replace 120 watt incandescent or 90W halogen floodlights and reduce energy use up to 75%.


Cool White: 6000K , 1150 lumens (compare to 120W incandescent or 90W halogen)
Warm White: 2900K, 1000 lumens (compare to 100W incandescent or 75W halogen)
Beam Spread: 120 degrees
110-120 Volts AC - 15 Watts
Power factor > 0.9
Base: E27 (fits medium Edison, E26, E27)
Dimensions: 4.75" diameter, 5" length
Warranty: 3 Years

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.5
great bulbI used these bulbs to replace reveal 65 watt incandescent bulbs in my kitchen. The color is perfect. I have the bulbs turned down a bit on a lutron dimmer. The beam angle is better than the original bulbs. The amount of light the bulbs are capable of putting out is unbelievable. If it weren't for the slight delay of an LED, my wife would not know I replaced them. I did alot of research on LEDs. You cannot go wrong with these bulbs. The warrentee period will pay for the bulb in electricity savings even if it blew out in three years. Written by Bill on Tue 21 Jun 2011 7:19:34 PM GMT
white not warm whiteI installed it beside a 65 watt incandescent bulb and it is alot whiter then that color.Like a 3700K, nice and bright and fit into a R30 down can. It delays alittle when first lit and then the off and on cycle is quicker. the beam angle is great. I have it in a 9' ceiling down light and its angle is great, it covers the kitchen work area. Waiting on a 36 watt par 38 with this beam angle for our church sanctuary. Written by Ed Pauly on Sat 14 May 2011 1:35:06 PM GMT
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